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How to light your artworks

Two leading experts give their tips for achieving museum-quality illumination at home ‘Taking a priceless piece of art and transforming it so the client sees it in a different way is a joy,’ says lighting consultant Harry Triggs, who founded TM Lighting with product designer Andrew Molyneux in 2012. ‘They may not always be verbose in their praise, but you usually get a little twinkle that tells you you’ve done a good job.’ Having set out with the ambition of becoming the ‘go-to people for lighting art’ by using new high quality LEDs that offer far superior colour rendition, the two art lovers have created an impressive set of discreet picture lights and spotlights, and now head a team based in an office and workshop near Russell Square in London. Triggs and Moyneux’s clients now include London’s National Gallery, Sir Antony Gormley and Christian Louboutin, and we sought them out for their expert advice on lighting a home collection.
1: Create layers of light Triggs and Molyneux are not…