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High-end art sales suffer !

High - End art sales suffer global slump

Christie’s reports first-half art sales were down by a third from the same period last year....
The global art market has gone on a diet. After the recession, seasoned and newcomer collectors alike surged into the world’s chief auction houses to splurge on trophies carrying eye-popping asking prices. Now, art lovers are cutting back, plying fewer $20 million-plus pieces into auctions and increasingly contenting themselves with cheaper, overlooked pieces. The resulting portrait shows a marketplace relatively healthy for pieces below $5 million but eerily thin at the top—a reversal from the last market downturn, when only masterpieces appealed. On Wednesday, London-based auction house Christie’s International offered further proof of a downturn when it said it sold $3 billion in art during the first half of the year, down a third from the same period last year. Christie’s latest total included $2.5 billion in auction sales, down 37.5% from a year a…

CATAWIKI Very Popular !


very popular..............!

Do you have special objects to auction? 

Something special found in the attic? 

Or bored with a part of your collection? 

Every week Catawiki is auctioning more than 30,000 objects supervised by specialist auctioneers. It is safe, fast and exciting. And the number of bidders is increasing rapidly; every month we have more than 12 million visitors from around the world. Also let your special auction items and start selling today.

Vous avez des objets spéciaux pour la vente aux enchères ?

Quelque chose de spécial trouvé dans le grenier ?

Ou s’ennuie avec une partie de votre collection ? 

Chaque semaine Catawiki est mise aux enchères plus de 30 000 objets, supervisés par le spécialiste des commissaires-priseurs. C’est sûr, rapide et passionnant. Et le nombre de soumissionnaires s’accroît rapidement ; chaque mois, nous avons plus de 12 millions de visiteurs venus du monde entier. Aussi, laissez vos enchères spéciales et commencer à vendre aujour…

Daniel Courbois Shop

Daniel Courbois SHOP

Daniel Courbois is one of the finest post-Impressionist  painters of France.

In his paintings, Daniel tries to convey his own personal philosophy of art. He loves to explore the complex interplay of light and its effects on architecture and surroundings. An avid traveler, Daniel uses his photographs simply as the starting point, an inspiration for his composition, He paints what he wants the subject matter to be, engaging collectors with uplifting paintings filled with harmonious color, depth and vitality. While striving for truth in his paintings, he does believe that "perfection is the enemy of great art." A single brush stroke can speak volumes in a painting. Daniel is inspired and influenced by the poetry in the brush strokes of John Singer Sargent, Isaac Levitan and Henri Martin.

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