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What is Art for ?

What is art for? Science shows it’s in the eye—and brain—of the beholderThe Nobel Prize-winning neuro-psychiatrist Eric Kandel explains what happens when we look at art

Gauguin, Long-lost still-life

Long-lost still-life by Gauguin rediscovered in ConnecticutThe painting of flowers, probably done in France during a mysterious period in the artist’s life, has been authenticated by the Paris-based Wildenstein Institute

A still-life of flowers by Paul Gauguin—which hung for 30 years in the home of a retired Manhattan antiques dealer, who did not know it was by the artist—has been rediscovered by a Connecticut auction house. Authenticated by the Paris-based Wildenstein Institute, the painting “certainly appears” to be the long-lost still-life Summer Flowers in a Goblet listed in the artist’s catalogue raisonnĂ©, says the Gauguin specialist, Sylvie Crussard. The work is now due to be sold on 29 June at Litchfield County Auction, with an estimate of $800,000 to $1.2m.

After the unidentified painting was consigned to Litchfield County Auctions, their specialist spotted a Sotheby’s label on the back of the frame that suggested it was by Paul Signac. However, the frame was too large for the c…

William Merritt Chase, Exhibition