Daniel Courbois

Daniel Courbois


Daniel Courbois. On the beach Bordeaux. Oil on panel. 70 x 60 cm. Gallery France.

Daniel Courbois,  belongs to one of the finest  impressionist painters in France. His paintings are on show at Gallery France which is located in Beynac et Cazenac. Dordogne, France.

Daniel Courbois travels throughout France and paints his romantic paintings plein air but uses also sheds as atelier which he ​encounters on his travels. Daniel is an eccentric who doesn't like promoting himself and he has no permanent place or residence.
During 2014 we discovered Daniel by accident while he was working in the Dordogne area.
We thank Daniel Courbois for his trust and willingness to cooperate with Gallery France. 

Daniel Courbois. Promenade / Dordogne landscape. Oil on panel. 50 x 60 cm.
Gallery France.

Exhibition Daniel Courbois, Romantic Impressionist, from April 2 untill October 31, 2016.  

Learn more and go to Gallery France


Chris van Dijk.


  1. lovely work.
    Jane Hyder New Zealand Artist.


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