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the 'Mona Lisa' Smile

Scientists Discover the Legendary Secret Behind
the 'Mona Lisa' Smile One of the greatest mysteries in art history has been solved: British academics say they have discovered the secret behind the smile ofLeonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa by studying a recently discovered portrait by the Renaissance master, La BellaPrincipessa. By comparing the techniques employed in the two works, scientists from Sheffield Hallam University claim to have proved that the enigmatic "now you see it, now you don''t" effect of the Mona Lisa smile was intentional on the part of da Vinci. They have named it "the uncatchable smile." The epiphany came by studying La BellaPrincipessa. The earlier painting, which portraits the young illegitimate daughter of a Milanese Duke, has the same effect as the Mona Lisa: from some angles the young lady seems to be smiling, from others, the smile appears to have vanished. "La Bella Principessa's mouth appears to change slant de…

Vadim Stein's Sculptural Photography

Given his background, it’s not that surprising that Vadim Stein’s photographyhas a sculptural–even monumental–look to it. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Stein studied sculpture restoration. He also worked as an actor and lighting designer, fields which play a significant role in his sculptures, in which carefully chosen lighting helps create the folds and shapes of the the people he photographs, often in staged and dramatic positions. photo by Vadim Stein Of course, “people” may not be the right word to describe the beautiful women, often nude and partially wrapped in stretched out fabrics, that Stein usually photographs. Each of them has a perfect, dancer’s body. Their sinuous forms and muscular shapes can be detected even underneath the cloth that envelops them. There’s a classical perfection in the figurative photography of Vadim Stein. That too is no accident, since classical aesthetics has influenced this philosophical photographer. photo by Vadim Stein As we recall, for Plato beauty an…