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Caravaggio's death solved at last !

The mystery of Caravaggio's death solved at last ! painting killed him

Remains found in Tuscany are likely to be the artist's, proving that lead poisoning was one cause of his death 400 years ago
He killed a man, brawled constantly, rowed with patrons and fled justice while revolutionising painting with his chiaroscuro style. Now, as if to underline how dramatic Caravaggio's short life was, researchers say he may have quite literally died for his art. Scientists seeking to shed light on the mysterious death of the Italian artist in 1610 said they are "85% sure" they have found his bones thanks to carbon dating and DNA checks on remains excavated in Tuscany. Caravaggio's suspected bones come complete with levels of lead high enough to have driven the painter mad and helped finish him off. "The lead likely came from his paints – he was known to be extremely messy with them," said Silvano Vinceti, the researcher who announced the findings today . "…

Paul Delaroche caused a sensation

Paul Delaroche - The Execution of Lady Jane Grey1833Lady Jane Grey was Queen of England for just 9 days until she was driven from the throne and sent to the Tower of London to be executed.Jane became queen after the death of her cousin, Edward VI in 1553. As a Protestant, Jane was crowned queen in a bid to shore up Protestantism and keep Catholic influence at bay.
The plan didn't work. Jane's claim to the crown was much weaker than Edward VI's half sister Mary. Mary, a Catholic, had popular support and soon replaced Jane as queen.
Lady Jane Grey was executed at Tower Green on 12 February 1554. She was just 16 years old.
In this painting, she is guided towards the execution block by Sir John Brydges, Lieutenant of the Tower. The straw on which the block rests was intended to soak up the victim's blood. The executioner stands impassive to the right and two ladies in attendance are shown grieving to the left.
The painting was exhibited in Paris at the city's famous Salon …

History of oil paint

Till 1991 nothing was known on the organic part of parietal paintings from the Paleolithic time. 
History of oil paint.Many assumptions were made about the chemistry of the binders. If blood has been used 20,000 years ago by Australian Aborigenes, vegetal oils were identified in the binder of the Magdalenian paintings of Fontanet cave in Ari├Ęge (France) (Pepe C et al., C R Acad Sci Paris 1991, 312, 929). Several fatty acids were identified by gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry. Unsaturated fatty acids (16:1n-7, 18:1n-9, 18:1n-7) represent 18 and 37% and saturated fatty acids represent 50 and 65% in two samples. Due to their degradation, the origin of the oils could not be determined.

Theoldest Mediterranean civilization, Greek, Roman or Egyptian have extensively used painting techniques based on mixtures of encaustic (probably rich in bee wax), mineral pigments (iron, copper, manganese oxides) and tempera. Vegetal oils, such as flax, walnut or poppyseed oil were known to …

contemporary art world is an insufferable scam



Here are 7 reasons why the contemporary art world is an insufferable scam — corrupted by the super-rich
For the last few years, I’ve hovered above the refreshments table at art events, guzzling free wine like a peasant and stuffing napkins full of bread and cheese into my purse. Usually the art is mediocre, I am alone covering an exhibition, and making small talk is excruciating without the encouragement of alcohol. I have been to thousands of art events over the course of my life. I come from a family of artists: my grandmother is an African-American assemblage artist, and my mother and aunt are artists as well. Growing up, I was dragged to all kinds of art openings and museum shows. Some art school students would love that kind of exposure, but as a kid, I found them painfully boring. Though informally trained in painting and drawing, I have always considered myself more of a writer and an academic. Nobody wants to be like their parents, even if they are bo…