Good News for Gallery France.....

Evgeniy Monahov. Collection Gallery France.

Good NEWS for Gallery France, we represent some of the top Master painters from around the world !

At Tefaf Maastricht, art dealers mix old and new more than everContemporary works fresh from the studio hang alongside Renaissance masterpieces.

The European Fine Art Fair (Tefaf) in Maastricht is one of the last places one would expect to encounter work fresh from the studio, particularly in sections dedicated to antiquities and Old Masters. But this year’s edition (13-22 March) included several works made this year, from an iron sculpture by the Maastricht-based artist Xander Spronken at Deborah Elvira (€95,000) to a painting by the Dutch photorealist Evert Thielen at Douwes Fine Art (€48,000). That these pieces can be found alongside ancient Chinese bronzes and Rembrandt etchings is a sign of the growing influence of the contemporary market, even at the world’s most prestigious Old Master fair.



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