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Interview about the postromantic art movement and the novels Velvet Totalitarianism and The Seducer

Below is the interview with Virginia Costeschi, published in Romanian on BookMag, on the link below:
Virginia CosteschiYou are a complex writer; you have nonfiction books, a poem volume, and novels. You teach, you started the postromanticism movement. How do you manage this creative diversity? Claudia Moscovici: If judged by scholarly standards of specialization, I’m seen as having wide-ranging  and diverse interests: in art, poetry, philosophy and literature, exactly as you state. My daughter, however, who plans to study chemistry in college, tells me my interests are very narrow. All of them fall under “arts and humanities” (as opposed to mathematics, science, or business for example, fields about which I know very little). I think both perspectives are correct. My daughter is right because the arts and humanities are separated only artific…

the ancient city of Pompeii

The crown jewel of the ancient city of Pompeii restored
Italy unveiled the restored crown jewel of the ancient city of Pompeii on Friday, showing off a rare success story as it races to shore up the site marred by such mismanagement and neglect that it risked losing EU funding and its Unesco World Heritage site listing. Dario Franceschini, the Italian culture minister, cut the ribbon to open the restored Villa of Mysteries, a spectacular estate on the outskirts of Pompeii's city centre that features some of the best-preserved frescoes of the site. Mr Franceschini said that while problems still remain at Pompeii, Italy was on schedule to meet a European Union deadline to spend €105 million (£76 million) inEU funds by the end of the year for maintenance and restoration projects. While only three projects have been completed, 13 are underway and some €65 million has been awarded in contracts, officials said. In addition, 85 people have been hired to work on the site and visitor number…

Good News for Gallery France.....

Good NEWS for Gallery France, we represent some of the top Master painters from around the world !
At Tefaf Maastricht, art dealers mix old and new more than everContemporary works fresh from the studio hang alongside Renaissance masterpieces.The European Fine Art Fair (Tefaf) in Maastricht is one of the last places one would expect to encounter work fresh from the studio, particularly in sections dedicated to antiquities and Old Masters. But this year’s edition (13-22 March) included several works made this year, from an iron sculpture by the Maastricht-based artist Xander Spronken at Deborah Elvira (€95,000) to a painting by the Dutch photorealist Evert Thielen at Douwes Fine Art (€48,000). That these pieces can be found alongside ancient Chinese bronzes and Rembrandt etchings is a sign of the growing influence of the contemporary market, even at the world’s most prestigious Old Master fair.