Louis Valtat


A French painter, akin to the Fauves and a link between Monet and Matisse. Louis Valtat (1869-1952). Born in Dieppe, Normandy in a wealthy shipowner family. His father was an amateur landscape painter and he encouraged his son to choose a profession as a painter. Louis went to the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and finally to the Académie Julien and was inspired by Paul Gaugin.

By an unfortunate combination of circumstances - Valtat suffered from tuberculosis and spent so much time on the fresh Mediterranean - he befriended Paul-Auguste Renoir and Paul Signac. 

Renoir portrait he made many drawings and along with this brilliant artist he worked on a sculpture of Paul Cézanne.
His health continued to play tricks on him and from 1948 he could no longer paint. He got an eye disease and was stone blind. Valtat died on January 2, 1952 in Paris.

Thanks goes to Ellen Maarschalkerweerd


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