IGOR LARIONOV modern impressionist

Modern Impressionist paintings on show at Gallery France

The world composed of colour, light and air is the creative concept of the painter Igor Larionov, his own original interpretation of our reality. Viewing his pictures one gets a chance to understand painting as such and to perceive its deep essence. The artist.s power lies in shaking a trivial view of things, in revealing the beauty of everyday life for people, in recalling the amazing perfection of God.s creation. Landscapes, still lives and genre paintings executed by Igor Larionov represent the universe as a bright, joyful and light world. The radiance of tender pearly colours, which are characteristic of the artist.s colourful vision, spellbinds and excites people. In them, one can see the reflection of primeval beauty, the poetry of the universe and the reminding of the lost paradise.
For Igor Larionov, it is of prime importance to reproduce in a picture his own impressions of the seen things and to get his ideas over to people. His picturesque images are a real synthesis of reality, reminiscences and nature. This type of realistic painting is considered to be the most complicated and testifies to high professionalism of the artist.
The light pervading his paintings so generously, his interest in the spatial structure of colour and of its possible tints, and the search for the intense and colourful form are connected with the artist.s desire to follow and to enrich the traditions of the Moscow school of painting, to which he himself belongs. However, the painter is not bound by the limits of a certain genre and uses different kinds of media. He reached the acme of skill in multilayer watercolour painting having created a series of landscapes of the Middle Russian area in this technique.
In the emotional and life-affirming art of Igor Larionov, it is clearly traced what he is interested in and fascinated by most of all. It is not by chance that the works created by the young painter make one feel animatied. The glowing twinkle of night lights, freshness of the sea breath, bright colours of summer flowers on the sunlit verdure, changeful spaces of the sky are the favourite motifs of his creative work. The acquaintance with this work assures one that our world with all its colourful manifoldness is the most precious gift made by the Creator to all people living in it.

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