Daniel Ferreira de Souza 
Fine Art Photographer 
Represented by Gallery France

was born in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil. He started drawing in 1972 self-taught. From 1977 on he attended art academies and conservatories, dedicating himself to painting and music.

During the 70ies he participated in art exhibitions  and started commercially exhibiting his works in art galleries. In 1981 he first travelled to Italy, and during that year he attended artistic drawing classes as a listener, at the Academy of Arts of Brera in Milan, studying the works of the masters of the Italian Renaissance at the Museums of Milan, Rome and Florence. He then returned to Italy in 1987 and in 1990. At the time of these two trips he went to south Italy where he met the Italian oil painting of the nineteenth century (Macchiaioli). 
In his Italian stage he incorporated techniques into his painting seized from the works of the artists of this school of art. In 1991 he made a brief travel to Spain. There he spent three months in Madrid regularly attending the Prado Museum realizing several studies in drawings related to the works of Velazquez and Rubens. 
He then registered at the Circle of Fine Arts where he practiced and improved his techniques on live models. In 1992 he returned to Madrid where he lived for the next four years. At Madrid he improved his techniques on realistic painting and studied further the aesthetic elements of the works of Velasquez. He returned to Brazil in 1997 initiating a period of great artistic production and experimentation.

In 2002 he begins studying the digital resources. In 2004 he replaces traditional painting media adopting digital photography as a support for his works. Daniel currently lives and works in the city of Rio de Janeiro. His artistic background includes a course on drawing at the Brazilian Society of Fine Arts (Rio de Janeiro 1977–1979). A painting course at the National School of Fine Arts (Rio de Janeiro 1979-1981). A course on History of Art at the National Museum of Fine Arts (Rio de Janeiro 1980) and the practice with live models at the Circulo de Bellas Artes  (Madrid-Spain  1991-1994).

Exposições - Exhibitions - Exposiciones.

2014 - Represented by Gallery France, Beynac et Cazenac, Dordogne, France.
2013 - DegreeArt Gallery (Londres).
2012 - Individual Espaço das Artes do Marina Barra Clube (Rio).
2010 - Coletiva na Galleri Kim Anstensen (Gottemburgo - Suécia).
2008 - The Latin American Fine Art Exhibition – Agora Gallery (New York).
           Coletiva - Algo más que Realismo II (Zaragoza- Espanha).
           FNAC – Exposição e palestra sobre Pintura Digital. (Rio).
2007 - Coletiva - “Realismo Contemporâneo” -  Fundação Mokiti Okada (SãoPaulo).
           Individual - “Criança Realidade-Futuro” - Galeria Arte Retrato (Rio).
2003 - Coletiva - Galeria de Arte Anita Schwartz (Rio).
           Individual - Galeria de Arte da Casa do Brasil (Madri).
2002 - Coletiva - Galeria de Arte Anita Schwartz (Rio).
2001 - Representado pela Galeria de Arte Anita Schwartz (Rio).
1999 - Individual - Galeria de Arte Belas Artes (Rio).
1998 - Exposição “O Metal e o Linho” Casa de Cultura Estácio de Sá (Rio).
           Coletiva Coletânea Galeria de Arte. Arte–Facto (Rio).
           Exposição Coletiva “O Sagrado e o Profano II” Le Soleil Art Galery (Rio).
           Coletiva - Galeria de Arte Eros (Rio).
1997 - Coletiva - Coletânea Galeria de Arte. Arte–Facto (Rio).
1994 - Individual - Galeria de Arte Catarsis (Madri – Espanha).
           Exposição “X Cita con el dibujo” Galeria Alfama (Madri).
           ARCO94 – Revista Arte Omega (Madri).
1993 - Individual - Centro Cultural Nicolas Salmeron (Madri).
           Individual - Galeria de Arte da Casa do Brasil (Madri).
1992 - Individual - Centro de Artes de Usera (Madri).
1990 - Coletiva - Prefeitura de Vico-Equence (Itália).
            Individual - Hotel Poseidon (Positano–Itália).
1987 - Individual - Hotel Poseidon (Positano – Itália).
1983 - Exposição “Artistas Contemporâneos” Galeria Alberto Dezon (Rio).
            Mostra “Figuração: Algumas Tendências” – Galeria Serpro de Artes (Rio).
1981 - Coletiva - Galeria de Arte Alberto Dezon (Rio).
1980 - Coletiva - Galeria Arte Alberto Dezon (Rio).
1979 - Centro de Artes Calouste Gulbenkian (Rio).
1978 - Galeria de Arte Alberto Dezon (Rio).
           Coletiva Galeria Arte Espátula (Rio).
           Coletiva - Galeria de Arte 828 (Rio).
           Coletiva - Real Palace Hotel (São Paulo).


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