ROBERT HAGAN modern impressionism

Proudly represented by Gallery France

Robert Hagan is one of Australia's best known and accomplished impressionist painters. His artistic presence is also firmly established in the United Kingdom and America.

Hagan grew up in the small fishing village of Brunswick Heads on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia. It was a quiet, peaceful, one-school, one-general store, little place. His affectionate memories of this lush, languorous, sub-tropical area of Australia have undoubtedly influenced the vivid paintings he now produces of beautiful little beaches, rural life and magical personal moments tinged with nostalgia.

Robert's paintings have been featured in the International Fine Art Collector (1992 and 1994). He was awarded the America's Cup International Artist Gold Medal and the coveted Mystic Yachting Award in 1995.

As well as being a respected art judge, he is a much sought-after demonstrator, whose television series will be soon be available.

Robert Hagan is exclusively represented by Gallery France, Beynac et Cazenac, Dordogne, France and other major art galleries throughout the world.

Australiana, mustering subjects, fishing and waterside subjects with dogs, children and seabirds, Romantic and Australiana idylls, equine subjects, countryside towns and scenes from by-gone days.

Robert’s paintings are on just about every subject. Subjects are sometimes attacked and given an abrupt and rough passage to the end while others are massaged and gently nurtured through to the end. It depends he says, ‘on what it is and how he feels at the time.

He seems to be painting more horses, dust and spray these days but that’ll change with the next bloke who challenges him to paint something that gets my imagination going, says Robert.

Robert was destined for life as a grammar-school teacher, but his itchy feet and adventurous spirit took him 'jackarooing' and along the way he taught himself to paint.
He tripped up in Perth many years ago with a roll of freshly-painted canvases beneath his arm, and after his first show, a complete sellout, Robert never looked back.

Robert is always up to something new and challenging. At present he lives in 'suspended animation' between USA, UK, Thailand and wherever the next episode of his TV series ‘Splash of Colour’ takes him.

He paints wherever he can and has not lost the excitement he first felt when he took up the brush and the challenge Mother Nature and humanity presented him over 30 years ago.

Since his last exhibition in Perth, Western Australia, Robert has focused on the USA, where 90% of Robert’s paintings sell in the galleries in Colorado and New Mexico, USA.
The UK and Australia are his other major markets, with Gadfly Gallery representing his work throughout Australia.

Following the global success of his recent television series, Robert Says "my life has been turned up side down with the TV show. It's fun because what I do is to find some event, structure, animal or geographical feature that’s got serious traction and then ferret around it and find out what in the blazes it’s all about, talk about that and then paint it or something hanging off it, but not in a comfortable arm chair-more like an old Indiana Jones type artist who rides in on a brumby with tacks under the saddle….. and, has to get a picture done irrespective of anything!”

Proudly represented by Gallery France


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