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Fred von Winckelmann 

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As a creative jack of all trades, Fred von Winckelmann has worked as graphic designer/illustrator/visualizer. And worked on some very succesful projects. In his early days as autosport photographer/columnist.

Was working as freelance graphic designer a few years.Being a succesfull House Dj and musician/producer/party organizer as a red line through his career.

Now his heart is lying in Wildlife Photography and is building up to make it his profession when time has come. Occasionally gets a call for photographing/filming for musical events.
Due circumstances and lack of creative jobs in the region he has a steady job with the local governement at the moment with spending all his spare time to build up a living one time with his passion Wildlife Photography.

Fred has been building up a great network at the moment and has won many contests with his pictures. Has been doing 11 years of traveling to Africa now to grade up his skills in photography/tracking animals/ and outdoor life and time has come for him to decide for his passion.

As a photographer:

- last round finalist for the prestigous Wildlife Photographer of the year award 2014 of the Natural History Museum.
- multiple top 5 photo winner of the Wild Eye Sa. “BeinspiredBy” series.

- multiple cover for facebookpages from AFRICANature and

Oct.2013 4x time winner photo of the day Pixoto.

Blogs on Africa Geographic and About the bush websites.

From 2010-till now 60 plus times facebook page banner for Africa Geographic facebook pages.

2 times facebook top 20

Top 25 best Wildlife Photographs of the wilderness National Geographic issue no.7/8
December 2012: Veofolio trophy and first price of the month.

Just missed the cut final 20 in last round in Africa Geographic cover competition public choice.

Winner and first Augustus 2010 photo competition BUSH WARRIORS.

2007-now: 6 time photo published in readers blog Afr.Geographic/ Afr.Geographic Birds.
May-June 2003: Exhibition with best photos at "day of the Landscape" in Provinciehuis Noord-Brabant.

Sept.2003: best 30 and exhibition competiton in "centre of Art Eindhoven"

Early 80's: Publications being autosport photographer in "Autosport" and "Autosprint".


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