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Poetic and Spiritual: The Photography of Noell S. Oszvald

Poetry, meditation and spirituality are often linked. Since the Romantic movement, poetry has been about using an economy of words–condensing meaning only to the essential–to express our profound feelings. Similarly to meditation, this process requires looking within. The photography of the Hungarian artist Noell S. Oszvald is poetic and spirituala visual meditation through images rather than a verbal one through thoughts and words. It seems to be inspired by the the Buddhist practice of focused thought to achieve peace of mind and the cultivation of wisdom. There’s also a certain animism in it, as the human figure–usually a willowy and beautiful young woman with long dark hair–appears in total harmony with her environment. She often mirrors the positions of the objects or beings around her. Like in poetry, form itself takes on the utmost importance. In one image we see the young woman from behind assuming exactly the same position as the cat sitting next to her. In another photo, sh…

ROBERT HAGAN modern impressionism

Proudly represented by Gallery France

Robert Hagan is one of Australia's best known and accomplished impressionist painters. His artistic presence is also firmly established in the United Kingdom and America.

Hagan grew up in the small fishing village of Brunswick Heads on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia. It was a quiet, peaceful, one-school, one-general store, little place. His affectionate memories of this lush, languorous, sub-tropical area of Australia have undoubtedly influenced the vivid paintings he now produces of beautiful little beaches, rural life and magical personal moments tinged with nostalgia.

Robert's paintings have been featured in the International Fine Art Collector (1992 and 1994). He was awarded the America's Cup International Artist Gold Medal and the coveted Mystic Yachting Award in 1995.

As well as being a respected art judge, he is a much sought-after demonstrator, whose television series will be soon be available.

Robert Hagan is ex…

THOMAS HODGES photograhic fine art

World Class Photographic Fine Art by THOMAS HODGESProudly represented by Gallery France

Born in London, England, Thomas has lived and travelled extensively throughout the world, whilst residing primarily in Europe and East Asia. Currently he resides between Italy, Luxembourg and France.
Thomas first picked-up a camera around the age of 8 (his Father being a keen amateur photographer). He started working in a professional capacity in 1984, shooting freelance editorial, primarily for the fashion industry. However, photography remained very much a secondary profession until 2004, when Thomas was enticed to resign from his principal profession as a financial engineer and pursue a full-time career as an artist, working primarily with the medium of photography, although of late he has expanded his horizons to include other media, notably mixed-media projects and also sculpture.

Thomas has a unique artistic style, which he terms "Imaginistic", leaving the onlooker to deduct the ultima…

FRED VON WINCKELMANN wild life photographer

Fred von Winckelmann wild life photographs for sale !Represented by Gallery Francevirtual art galleryAs a creative jack of all trades, Fred von Winckelmann has worked as graphic designer/illustrator/visualizer. And worked on some very succesful projects. In his early days as autosport photographer/columnist.
Was working as freelance graphic designer a few years.Being a succesfull House Dj and musician/producer/party organizer as a red line through his career.
Now his heart is lying in Wildlife Photography and is building up to make it his profession when time has come. Occasionally gets a call for photographing/filming for musical events. Due circumstances and lack of creative jobs in the region he has a steady job with the local governement at the moment with spending all his spare time to build up a living one time with his passion Wildlife Photography.
Fred has been building up a great network at the moment and has won many contests with his pictures. Has been doing 11 years of traveli…