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Influenced by Cobra

Christine Spierings has been drawing throughout her life and in 1983 she decided to become a painter professionally after she was elected to the St Lucas Society.Then followed a group exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum, which is repeated annually. 

Many exhibitions followed in gallerys, which also represented her at various gallerys and bourses. In fine art magazines and newspapers was written about her. There was an exhibition in a gallery in Copenhagen. She received a wonderful critique of the renowned newspaper ‘Der Politiker’. Christine Spierings paints the multicultural city of Amsterdam in bright colors, very directly and expressive.

Christine Spierings: Controlled tension 

since childhood  Christine Spierings (Tilburg, 1943) was drawing and painting. At school she became a luminary. Working in safe seclusion of a familiar environment, she developed her talent.

The impulse to become an artist came in the 1970s, when she lived in Utrecht. She met Bernard Mantz, art expert and art lover, who studied dentistry in the same city. He encouraged Christine Spierings ' artistic activities. The friendship between the two arose, thirteen years ago they moved to Amsterdam. There Bernard Mantz began his gallery in 1984 and the first exhibition was dedicated to the work of Christine Spierings.

Cobra ' that Bernard's support was very important for me ', she says. ' The confrontation with the audience was a huge motivation. I now began to do things I never did before, and I got the feeling that it could continue forever. " Initially her paintings were mainly influenced by Cobra. A figurative Expressionism, She was attracted to Frank' s compositions in combination with a controlled variety of color. 
So far she had worked with pastel, but now she changed to the use of acrylic paint on linen. Asked about the origin of her pictures, she says. I work in an the attic. I hear nothing and I see nothing there. I paint all my inner world. I'm pretty mediatiek.  It is therefore not so much a specific theme which I paint what I make comes from within myself.  

Since the loosening of the Cobra-direct influences her, there is a certain tranquility in her work.

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