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Rembrandt judged again

Rembrandt expert urges National Gallery to rethink demoted painting Old Man in an Armchair, purchased in 1957 but judged in 1969 not to be by the artist, hailed by academic as 'important' work The painting shows an old, weary man slumped in contemplation in his armchair and has spent more time in the National Gallery's storeroom than on display because it is attributed to a follower of Rembrandt rather than the artist himself.

But the gallery is being urged to rethink. The academic widely acknowledged as the world's leading expert on Rembrandt is about to drop an art historical bombshell by arguing it was not only painted by the 17th century Dutch master himself, but it is also a pivotal work for the artist. "It is of wonderful quality and is revolutionary in a sense," Ernst van de Wetering told the Guardian. "It is a very important painting." Professor Van de Wetering was the long-serving director of the Rembrandt Research Project, set up in the Ne…

Umberto Coromaldi the less known Italian

Umberto Coromaldi

September 21, 1870 - Rome, October 5, 1948

was born to Vincenzo Celli and Luisa. His mother was widowed shortly after his birth, then married the painter Filippo Indoni, who encouraged Coromaldi to paint. He then attended the Institute of Fine Arts in Rome, where he studied drawing under Filippo Prosperi. Subsequently, at the age of twenty-two, he met the Neapolitan painter Antonio Piccinni and also Antonio Mancini whose studio Coromaldi frequented.

He exhibited in Rome for the first time in 1893. In 1894 he won the an artistic stipend with Un Ritorno dei naufragi. With this award, Coromaldi travelled to ParisBrusselsAntwerpMonaco, and, in 1895, he exhibited in Stuttgart, where a pastel, "Il cenciaiolo".[1] On his return to Rome, he began his most prolific period. He consistently participated in annual exhibitions of the Society of amateurs and enthusiasts (Società degli amatori e cultori), where he became a member and had several one-man shows. In 1903…