WASHINGTON MAGUETAS Master Impressionist



Washington Maguetas - Born in 1942 -  is a prolific artist of great versatility who has absinfuences together with the spirit  of his native land Brazil to produce paintings which reflect the best elements of both traditions.

During a long and rich career he has developed a protean style which is at once individual and accessible, apealing both to collectors, connoisseurs and the general public. His paintings show both the influence of an early childhood spent in a rustic environment of wordsworthian simplicity.
Innocence and beauty and also the impact of different aesthetic and emotional experiences which he has had in the course of a long artistic career.
Many of his work hark back to a late 19th-century world of elegance and exquisite natural settings.
He has always distrusted the established art world of salons, exhibitions, prizes and cliques, prefering the praise of  "people who love paintings".

Resting after a Picknick at the river Ceou, Dordogne.
Oil on canvas
45 cm x 70 cm


He lives in a small village near Sao Paulo, a location with lakes, waterfalls and cascades which give him the sense of spirituel tranquility which influes his work and artistic techniques.  He is also the originator of trimaismo, a school of art  which uses three or more techniques based on conventional canvas or panel.

The visuel art is accompanied by poems by various writers which are always related to the subject of the painting without compromise to previous schools.  His work manifests itself in  delicate paintings which show great sensitivity for the Brazilian landscape, still life and interiors.
In the course of along artistic career Washington Maguetas has persued his own way without reference to academic schools or conventions.  The result is an individuel artistic vision which has found recognition both in his native country and  now all over the world.

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