ALEKSANDR BABICH master painter of nature

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Alexander Babich 
lives in a quiet village in the south of Russia, not far from the Caucasian mountains.

“It is difficult to get inspiration in the city, I need freedom and the air of nature.”

In this sense, Aleksandr Babich can be called a hermit. 
United with nature he gives birth to new themes, revealing many faceted artistic vision.

Many times a year Aleksandr travels to the mountains of Dombai to paint plein air, he also went to other countries like France, where he painted the two paintings which are on show at GALLERY FRANCE,  but most of the time you can find him in Arkhyz, Teberdy, and Uzunkol for new impressions and for making creative discoveries.

Mountains are his passion.  
The unexpected and variability of nature makes him go to the mountains and into the wild.
Not far from where he lives and maybe within one day of traveling you can find all seasons of the year in one area at the same time. The landscapes here can change the emotional palette just in one minute. 
That is why Aleksandr is going to the mountains of Dombai and Arkhyz many times because each visit will bring him something new to paint !

It is the eternal beauty of nature so skillfully reflected by the talented hand of Aleksandr.
The themes of his works are various and unrepeatable, and it is amazing that he can produce so many different landscape paintings. 
Aleksandr Babich is an unique artist and very recognizable by his very own style. 

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