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Revealed: the art experts who pass fakes as authentic

Dubious data and selective use of evidence lead to forgeries being attributed to masters
A fake Marc Chagall painting, owned by a Leeds businessman who had bought it for £100,000 in 1992, was ordered to be burned last month and an Istanbul art gallery closed down its Joan MirĂ³ exhibition last year after directors of the Spanish surrealist painter's estate said some of the works were forgeries. The uncovering of fakes by committees comprising descendants of the artist is increasingly common and has prompted one of Britain's foremost art historians to condemn the methods used by scholars to authenticate works as a "professional disgrace".

Martin Kemp, emeritus professor of art history at Oxford University and a Leonardo expert, said many rely on "dubious data" and that a "chaotic" approach is used to attribute paintings. He said he was alarmed at the ease with which historical, visual and scientific evidence is manipulated to suit the overriding obj…

ALEKSANDR BABICH master painter of nature

Proudly represented by GALLERY FRANCE


Alexander Babich
lives in a quiet villagein the south of Russia,not far from the Caucasian mountains.

“It is difficult to get inspiration in the city, I need freedom and the air of nature.”
In this sense, Aleksandr Babich can be called a hermit.United with nature he gives birth to new themes,revealing many faceted artistic vision.

Many times a year Aleksandr travels to the mountains of Dombai to paint plein air, he also went to other countries like France, where he painted the two paintings which are on show at GALLERY FRANCE,  but most of the time you can find him in Arkhyz, Teberdy, and Uzunkolfor new impressions and for making creative discoveries.
Mountains are his passion. The unexpectedand variability of nature makes him go to the mountains and into the wild.
Not far from where he lives and maybe within one day of travelingyou can find all seasons of the year in one area at the same time.The landscapes here can change the emotionalpalette j…


Proudly represented by GALLERY FRANCEmaster paintings
Ste­faanis born in Niel, a for­mer vil­lage of brick­yards in the shadow of Antwerp. As a son of the painter and com­mer­cial artist Louis Eyck­mans, he comes in touch with the tools of paint­ing and draw­ing from an early age on. His father will remain his great teacher and men­tor through­out his life.

Dur­ing his stu­dent days Ste­faan is strongly influ­enced by the Flem­ish Prim­i­tives, the 17th cen­tury still life painters and the Antwerp hyper­re­al­ist move­ment led by Willem Dol­phyn. Still later, the more impasto tech­nique of the Frisian Henk Hel­man­tel and the aus­tere com­po­si­tions of the Ital­ian Gior­gio Morandi leave their traces in his work. After an edu­ca­tion as a char­ac­ter designer and illus­tra­tor Ste­faan will work in adver­tis­ing for a while. But more and more he con­cen­trates on his paint­ing.

The world of fast adver­tis­ing mes­sages and dead­lines clears space for the silent world of the st…

ROY CONNELLY great outdoor painter

Proudly represented by GALLERY FRANCE Master Paintings


I work exclusive in oils, painting from life by the direct observation of my subject. I paint outside throughout the year and in all weathers – the delicate quality of light in the winter months is a favourite subject. My paintings are usually completed in a single session which helps me to capture the time the picture was created as well as the place. I am just as happy to set up my easel on a quiet beach as I am to paint outside the National Gallery overlooking Trafalgar Square.

I have exhibited widely including at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and have become a regular exhibitor at the New English Art Club (NEAC) and Royal Society of British Artists (RBA). In 2008 I was very proud to be an invited artist at the Discerning Eye exhibition in London, and in 2009 I won the Chelsea Art Society Award for a Painting. I am a founder member of the Plein air brotherhood, a group that exists to exhibit and promote painting…

RALF HEYNEN Master Painter

Proudly represented by GALLERY FRANCE Master Paintings

'The silent beauty of contemplation'

Ralf Heynen (1978) is a fine arts painter from Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He was born with a form of cataract. Therefore, his sight is blurred and it is impossible for him to see sharp lines and fine details. What remains is a hazy image of light and color.  On closer inspection, this can be observed in his oil paintings.
Despite the first impression of a sophisticated and detailed picture his technique is based upon light and tonality and typical brushstrokes.  These strong light effects and the subtle use of colour are typical for his work.

Ralf Heynen is an autodidact painter, having learned the trade by studying 17th-century masters like Vermeer. The works of Russian realists and Singer Sargent were a huge inspiration.  Many copies and experiments followed, and little by little he developed his own style.
He has always been interested in foreign cultures, especially from the Orient.…

WASHINGTON MAGUETAS Master Impressionist



Washington Maguetas - Born in 1942 -  is a prolific artist of great versatility who has absinfuences together with the spirit  of his native land Brazil to produce paintings which reflect the best elements of both traditions.
During a long and rich career he has developed a protean style which is at once individual and accessible, apealing both to collectors, connoisseurs and the general public. His paintings show both the influence of an early childhood spent in a rustic environment of wordsworthian simplicity. Innocence and beauty and also the impact of different aesthetic and emotional experiences which he has had in the course of a long artistic career. Many of his work hark back to a late 19th-century world of elegance and exquisite natural settings. He has always distrusted the established art world of salons, exhibitions, prizes and cliques, prefering the praise of  "people who love paintings".

He lives in a sma…

DENIS CHERNOV Master Painter

Proudly represented by   GALLERY FRANCE Master Paintings


Denis Chernovwas born in 1978 in Sambir, Lviv province, Ukraine. 

He lives and works in Kharkiv after graduating from Kharkiv Art College, in 1998, Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (Chair of Graphic Art), in 2004. 
He regularly participates in artistic exhibitions (above sixty), both in Ukraine and abroad. 
Most of Denis Chernov’s artworks are kept in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Italy, England, Spain, Greece, France, USA, Canada, and Japan. Some works have been sold at "Christie's

He works in a wide range of graphic and painting techniques, though his favorite is pencil drawing, which covers such as landscape, portrait, nude, genre compositions, book illustration, literary and historic reconstructions and fantasy.

In 2004 – 2006 he held a studying workshop at Kharkiv Art College, at present he is a lecturer in drawing at Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. Since 1998, has taken part in numer…