Frans Mortelmans, Painter, Get to know him !

Frans Mortelmans

Flower painter Antwerpen 1865 - 1936 Belgium.

Roses by Frans Mortelmans. Privat collection GALLERY FRANCE.

Not many people heard about him, But I sold several of his paintings during my time as an Old Master dealer.................................... and still a fan of him !

The young Mortelmans grew up in St. Paul parish. His father Charles Magoo had a printer's shop in the Zirkstraat, but also had cultural aspirations and that facilitated the artistic inspirations of his sons Louis and French.

Frans Mortelmans studied at the Antwerp Academy of fine arts in 1876 to 1887 and at the higher Institute in Antwerp from 1887 to 1891.

His teachers at the Academy were Edward Dujardin, J.E. Van Wyk, p. Beaufaux, p. Anthony, j. Geefs, Albrecht De Vriendt, Michel Marie Charles Verlat and Lucas Schaefels amongst others. 
At the higher Institute were the Juliaan De Vriendt and Frans Van leemputten. His participation in the Prix de Rome for painting in 1886 and 1889 brought him not by the selections.

Despite the versatility of its training specialized Frans Mortelmans in painting of flowers and still lifes. His style was very virtuoso and flattering, colorful, yet withheld and never noisy. 
He also painted some portraits, interiors with figures and still life with vegetables, seafood, mushrooms, fruit, cheese or ham, but get the upper hand numerically flower arrangements. Within this category are the most numerous representations of roses tuilen. 
During his vacations on the coast he painted fishing boats and beach scenes. In his country home to London were then again outside faces of the garden and the Heath.

He was a member of various artist groups: Arte et Labore, De Scalden, The Holly and The Thistle (both last in Mechelen).

Professionally, he was a professor in the stillevenpainting Academy of Berchem. His pupils there included John M. and Joris Minne. He remained in Office until in 1935.

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  1. Quando um tipo/modalidade de arte perde completamente o sentido histórico e o seu valor,estamos lidando com acumuladores e não colecionadores de artes...

  2. Beautiful paintings, didn't know him until now, will try to dig up more info on him now :)
    Thanks for saring

    1. Hello Johan, Glad you liked my article ! Hope you will find what you're looking for. All best Chris.

    2. Muito Bom, adorei, grande mestre q desconhecia por completo!

  3. Hello GALLERY FRANCE ...I am a painter and you can find my pictures on face book (Oil painting_Amal elgayar ), i hope that you will like it .....I admired your pictures and painting very mutch , I hope to be your friend.
    My email is ( thank,s

  4. Dag Chris,

    Ja geweldig hoe Frans mortelmans met zijn vlotte penseelzetting zijn bloemen op het doek heeft gezet.
    Bij het zien van de foto`s zag ik het schilderij ¨de vaas met rozen¨ dat vorig jaar in mijn atelier ter restauratie een facelift heeft ondergaan. Ik hoop dat het weer een streling voor het oog is.
    Een collegiale groet,

    Joost Theeuwes

    1. Hallo Joost,

      Bedankt voor je comment en wens je veel succes !

      Groet vanuit Frankrijk,
      Chris van Dijk.


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