Contemporary art is a .............

Contemporary art is a mediocre tyranny

by Avelina Lesper.

 I came across with an interview to Avelina Lesper, a Mexican art critic on contemporary art. As she expresses my own points of view, I would like to share it with my dear readers.

How do you perceive contemporary art?

I think it is a movement that came to damage the way we perceive art and what we look in the museums. It encourages a relativism according to which everything is art and everybody can be artists, with simply constructing a speech that mildly supports any reasoning. It is some kind of tyranny, in which art is what a group says it is.

Why is it a tyrannical expression?
Because it is an imposition that all the rest should comply with. It is about privileged and lazy artists that have the market and institution support to exercise power where there is no room for the critical
attitude of the ones who observe. That’s why it is tyrannical and also mediocre for the simplicity of the message.

Do you look at contemporary art as an art for everyone, which challenges the status quo in which we live in? 

Of course it doesn’t. It is a childish speech, elementary level, in which critics are completely superficial and simplistic. If there were a true transgression to political and social order, then we could not explain that it is the same device that supports and encourages these expressions. Its critics are childish tantrums and, before that, the oligarchy that traces the steps of the society is very comfortable. This is why, eagerly, they invest money in it, because for them it is useful to avoid taxes and to be socially legitimated.

What is the future for contemporary art?

It is an elite fashion in which consumerism is exalted and ridiculous amounts of money are paid. For them “if you don’t like it, it is because you don’t understand it and you don’t have the necessary knowledge yet”. I encourage the public to express their opinion with no fear. If we abolish this yoke and say what doesn’t express anything valuable and why, we may evolve.


Chris van Dijk.


  1. The state of Art Criticism have entered the realm of absurdity for quite a long time actually after Arthur Danto.

  2. the same analysis has been made by the ARC art renewal website.


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