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Hyperrealism past and Present

Hyperrealism… past and present

At roughly the same time as the emergence on the American scene of Pop art, with its appropriation of the codes of a ravenously consumerist society, a number of their fellow countrymen started producing painstaking works that explored the tenuous boundary between reality and illusion. Using photography as their basic reference, the hyperrealists applied themselves to reproducing, using paintbrushes, images that had been effortlessly captured by the camera. In so doing, they succeeded in (re-)producing copies of copies with extraordinary fidelity… the reflection of the shiny bodywork of automobiles… the most intricate details of people's faces… the startling impact of neon lights… and countless other technically difficult effects. Founded in the late 1960s by the gallery owner Louis K. Meisel under the name Photorealism, the works of this movement supposedly reflected an objective observation of reality without any subjective influence from the artist…

What Good Are Art Dealers and Gallery Owners?

Nobody likes art dealers or galleries. ( ? ) Artists don't like dealers because they keep half the price of every piece of art they sell. People who buy art don't like dealers because they charge top dollar. Even dealers don't like dealers, but that's another article. So do art dealers do anything other than inject themselves into art business transactions, jack prices, and extract money? Let's explore.

The Artist's point of view:  "I'm an artist," you say. "I spend my life making art, slaving away, compelled to express myself for all the world to see and experience. The results of my creative endeavors zap practically every last ounce of my strength; so here I am, a spent amoebic blob surrounded by product, and ready to make money. But no. Something stands in my way, and its name is art dealer. I can sell my own art, thank you. I don't need you and your gallery to take half of every dollar that my life's calling entitles me to." …


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World Class Painter  :        PERE MON TAILLANT


Chris van Dijk

Amazon Art Store

Amazon Launches Art Store, Putting Multi-Million Dollar Paintings In Your Virtual Shopping Cart

Amazon has launched a new online fine art store, as an extension of its marketplace partner offerings. The store offers access to more than 40,000 works, according to Amazon, from over 4,500 artists supplied by more than 150 galleries and dealers, including both generally affordable art and paintings in the multi-million dollar range, like Monet’s “L’Enfant a la tasse, portait de Jean Monet” for $1.45 million, and Norman Rockwell’s “Willie Gillis: Package from Home” for $4.85 million. The benefit of the new storefront is that it consolidates and makes searchable a collection that was previously fractured and spread across a number of smaller storefronts. Search results on the shop can be narrowed to zoom in on specific subjects, styles, sizes, colors used, price and also gallery,

Some of those involved have first-hand experience with trying to modernize the online art shopping world. UGalle…


Exclusively represented in Europe by GALLERY FRANCE.
World Class Impressionist        SIMON ADDYMANBiography.

Biography. imon Addyman b.1957- Simon trained at the Colchester School of Art and the City & Guilds of London Art School where under the principal Rodger de Grey his landscape painting started to develop. Without question, Simon's artwork is diverse and his versatility evident, yet his distinctive artistic style is consistently woven into the images that he creates, a quality that is difficult to achieve and much cherished by collectors. Simon's success as an artist is a result of his continuing ability to remain versatile, and his handling of paint is testament to his lifelong passion for exploring and creating art. His beautifully-executed traditional and contemporary artworks infuse elegance, sophistication and timelessness into a wide array of corporate, hospitality and residential interiors.