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New Ribera ! ......... in LED light.

Prado goes LED
                    and unveils a new Ribera

The Prado Museum has announced that it is to convert its galleries to LED lighting. These give a much more natural sense of light, and as I've noted here before, it's probably as close to daylight as you can get. Mind you, there was that slightly alarming study into how LED lights cause some yellow pigments to go brown... Still, basking happily for now in the Prado's new LEDs is a recently cleaned and newly attributed work by Jose de Ribera, Saint Jerome Writing. The picture was long thought to be by Esteban March, but recent restoration by the Prado has prompted a rethink. 

Formerly in the collection of Isabella Farnese, this work has been on deposit since 1940 at the Casa-Museo Colón in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. That loan agreement was cancelled last year in order for the work to be studied and restored. Saint Jerome writing was in the Casa-Museo Colón in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with an attribution to the Va…

ART MARKET....Ever been to Disney's

Ever been to Disney’s It’s A Small World?

After May’s $1.5 Billion worth of art that traded hands in the  matter of 2 weeks, in New York, one might have felt that the  art world needed a rest, and you are probably right. 

However, the salerooms were not going to let that happen and moved the auction action over the pond to Merry Old England.  Hey, why not milk the market for as much as you can get, as fast as you can.  Not a great strategy in my humble opinion; but if you are just in it for some fast money, I guess it works. By the middle of the month both main salerooms presented another round of Impressionist / Modern and Contemporary art sales – at least they are waiting until July for their Old Master sales – oh wait, that is only next week. And once again the press was abuzz with the thought that another Billion dollars worth of art might sell.  In addition, I found it very interesting to read that other dealers and some press people are now concerned that there may be too many sal…